Ain’t no party like a panda party!
August 19, 2008, 11:08 pm
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August 16th 2008- A night of pure Pandamonium!

The Panda Posse wishes to thank everyone who participated in Pandamonium Saturday night. There were some great homemade panda suits and creative use of face paint. The spirit shown was remarkable. We’re glad everyone stuck with the event and shouted down the cops for their attempts to target pandas and shut us down. Hopefully now everyone sees that the Union Square meeting point was necessary as an element of surprise. The four arrested pandas are being helped through the legal system by our legal panda allies, two of them have already had their bogus charges thrown out.

It is clear that NYC is becoming less and less hospitable to us pandas, and non-pandas alike, who wish to create an environment free from the restraints of commerce and police repression. We pandas refuse to settle for the pre-packaged lifestyles they wish to sell us. We know that, although we are part of a dying breed, we can and will create the city we wish to live in here and now. It is amazing what can be done with a group of friends, a few boom boxes and some courage.

We aren’t surprised that the NYPD attempted to shut us down. We took this into account and planned against it. Though they caught us by surprise in the very beginning and captured two pandas, we managed to stay on the move and disrupt the neighborhood’s normal barhopping routine. We showed that together the pandas are a force to be reckoned with!

It is too soon to tell when, the next Pandamonium will take place, but rest assured we will be back. When pushed to the verge of extinction, we pandas have no other choice but to “Party for our right to fight”

Till next time!

-The Panda Posse

Some photos:
(thanks to Leti and S.Bear)
Union Square-



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on a trouve ca sur un mur a marseilles

que les autres soient liberes immediatement!

toujour solidaire,
les pandas globales

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Comment by pandos

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